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Touch Therapy for Trauma
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(Booking out 6 months in advance)

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Jessica Rimer, LMT, CKTP
Licensed Clinical Massage Therapist 
          Virginia Department of Health License #:   0019011103                    
National Health Care Provider Identifier (NPI):   1881052496

Fully Vaccinated for COVID19 as of 01/31/2021

Incoming clients:

Jessica is a Certified Health Care Provider and licensed to accept both HSA and FSA spending accounts for payment

(as well as all credit card types, checks or cash).

An itemized "Superbill" can be provided upon request to be submitted to health insurance.

Please keep in mind most insurance's will require a letter of Medical Necessity from a Medical Doctor, Chiro., PT, or Acu., to be submitted with the massage receipt if you qualify for reimbursement


About Me:

I have been helping patients through Clinical Massage for nine years and am highly skilled at my craft. I attended Northern Virginia School of Therapeutic Massage and have been licensed with the Board of Nurses in Virginia since 2012.​ I have spent my entire massage career working primarily with other healthcare providers including Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Acupuncturists, and Mental Health Care Providers to complement client treatment plans, provide pain relief, reduce stress/anxiety and help restore function to the body.​


Commonly used techniques I am trained in:​

Nationally Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner,

Trigger Point Therapy,

Myofascial Release Therapy,

Kinetic/Static Cupping,

Sports Massage,

Deep Tissue Massage (not to be confused with "deep pressure"),

Prenatal Massage,

Oncology Massage &

Trained to work with TBI's, PTSD & Trauma.

(No one session is alike, I do not charge per modality, only for time.) 


Clinical massage creatively combines and applies a range of techniques to assess and manually manipulate the soft tissues of the body. I will formulate a treatment strategy based on the client’s preferences, client history, and physical assessment/Doctor recommendations to relieve specific complaints of tension, pain and dysfunction associated with mental and physical stress.​ 


The effects of massage therapy are progressive and are best when used as part of an overall strategy to promote wellness. Some of the major benefits of massage may include lower blood pressure, reduction in chronic pain, relief to overused/achy muscles, increased range of motion, decrease in scar tissue buildup, improved posture, reduced anxiety, stress reduction and promoting quality sleep and improved productivity. Treatment plans may involve weekly sessions to jump-start your healing process or monthly sessions for preventative maintenance to compliment your overall health and wellness! The emotional balance of bodywork can often be just as valuable as the more tangible physical benefits making clinical massage a powerful ally in your healthcare regimen. 


​I regularly pursue Continuing Education and have completed training in an oncology massage intensive program as of June, 2019. I have also completed a Hospital Stewardship intensive with Virginia Hospital Center in July of 2021 adapting massage in ICU, Oncology and Rehabilitative Care. My love of education has led me to additionally attain an Associate in Criminal Justice (2005) from Northern Virginia Community College. As well as a Bachelor of Science degree with a concentration in Homeland Security and a minor in Political Science (2018) from Troy University. I am beginning a Master of Social work at George Mason University in the Spring of 2022. 


Personal Care Treatment Plans

Introducing the Personal Care Treatment Plan!

No Obligation. No Memberships. 

This plan is to help clients that need regular massage as part of their overall health care by offering $15 off to anyone who receives a Clinical/Therapeutic massage within 35 days (5 WEEKS MAX) or less!

(Can only be used with 60 & 90 minute massages.

Regular rates are $130 for 60 mins and $180 for 90 mins). 

(New Clients and clients that have not been seen in the past 35 days will need to pay the regular price their first session before utilizing this plan).

This is a great opportunity for those clients that are receiving treatments weekly or monthly! read less




Jessica is a very friendly and welcoming person and I immediately felt comfortable with her even though it was my first visit. She also provides a great massage and has good knowledge of general health issues and sports injuries. I walked to her office from the East Falls Church Metro Station and it was a pleasant 15-minute walk.

The experience exceeded my expectations. Jessica is a truly skilled massage therapist. Her massage is not only "feel good" but also truly therapeutic for areas of soreness and stiffness. Can't wait to do this again!

Barbara J. 

Jessica has been providing massage therapy to me for several years. She is very good at interpreting and treating muscular issues that I can not easily describe in words. She is a great listener and she does a terrific job of providing joint and muscle pain relief. I can't recommend her enough.

Dave B.

Erik R. 


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520 N. Washington St., Suite 100, Falls Church, VA  22046  \  Tel: 703-599-0265


(By Appointment Only)
Monday through Saturday

Located inside "Falls Church Wellness Center"

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